The Lightning Maker

As I turned off the corrugated dirt road, on to the smooth highway, I saw it in my rear-view mirror. The beginnings of a lightning storm that would rival any I have ever experience before or since.

It had been a wonderfully warm August weekend at Kids Camp in the heart of the prairies. I readied myself for the late-night drive home.

Sheet lightning. Bolts that touched the earth. Ones that went from cloud to cloud and shot straight across the sky. Some lasted the blink of an eye. Others caused me to hold my breath. Amazing, awe-inspiring power was on display. I was surrounded by this visual conversation between the Lightning Maker and me.

Instantly, the soundless sky shouted and proclaimed, “Let there be Light,” and there it was. Flash after flash, a constant reminder to me, of how differently things can look; day-night; truth-lies; right-wrong.

It takes but a moment to shatter the darkness. It may only last a moment. One here and one there, the rhythm of the storm quickens the pace; it is a fantastic display. In that moment, I was reminded, no not reminded – impressed upon – indented in to – there now was a brand-new understanding.

I – serve – the Lightning Maker.

In my life, there have been times when I choose not to remember this and find myself in a dark and lonely place where I forget the Lightning Maker. I prefer to “pack it in.” Pack my belonging, gifts, and talents and move there. I sit alone in the quiet darkness and forget that the Lightning Maker wants me to live in His light, to experience His Power, and to avail myself of it.

All of a sudden, the song on the radio rises above the noise. “Give me your eyes for just a second” …the sky flashes bright – the music continues. “Give me your eyes so I can see.” Another flash.

My mind wanders. Could it be that Lightning Maker wants to use this storm to “show” me something, to open my eyes?

The radio continues to direct this message. “Yours” starts, FLASH “everything is Yours.” 


The soundtrack continues song after song after every song. Ones that speak of freedom, of seeing through God’s eyes. It’s as though the writers-on-the-radio and the-creator-of-the-lightning have come together to compose this piece just for me this night.

The flashes of lightning illuminate the sky, and the bolts jump from cloud to cloud. Heaven and earth were connected; each moment, a bolt of lightning crashed down. The conversation between the Lightning Maker and me continue to reverberate in my soul.

How can I ever choose the darkness again once I’ve experienced this unique communion with the Lightning Maker?

Photo Story: I saw Justin Sinclair’s Photography at a Church Craft Fair, and when I saw the above photo, I knew it was for this post. Justin is a talented young man of faith who uses his camera to capture God’s creation and the community around him. Please be sure to check out his website.

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  1. Born as a ‘prairie girl’, I love lightning storms. Those powerful displays of both sheets and bolts across the expanse of sky are like nothing else. This post made me think about that, and also the fact that there is no one like our mighty God. Love this metaphor. He really is the lightning maker! His power and glory are awesome.

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