365 – The Difference a Year Can Make

I woke up 365 days ago, having just celebrated 22 years in pastoral ministry and received a text that was about to change it all.

As I prepared to head into the office, I got an unanticipated text-meeting-request with no details, but the Holy Spirit spoke volumes to me. The Spirit’s coded message let me know it was time to prepare for the end of a chapter. Little did I know that it was also the end of the book, and it would be more than a year before the sequel.

  • 365 days ago, I had a steady paycheque; today, I do not
  • 365 days ago, I thought I knew who I was; today, I am on a journey of discovery
  • 365 days ago, I was the teacher; today, I am the student
  • 365 days ago, I worked in my neighbourhood; today, I live in my neighbourhood
  • 365 days ago, I led volunteers; today, I am the volunteer
  • 365 days ago, I was confidently independent; today, I am confidently dependent on Christ

I still don’t know what my sequel will be called. Like all epic stories, it will have some elements from the first book as well as new themes, characters, adventures, and even perils. I feel (and hope) that the Author is close to picking up His pen to begin scribing the opening paragraph – I want to believe I am ready.

If I’ve learned anything these past 365 days from my writer friends, it is that the first words of any book are what grabs a reader’s attention. 

So if I were given the privilege to write the opening paragraph, perhaps it would sound something like this…

If the last year taught Charity anything, it was ‘to expect the unexpected’. With those words echoing in her mind, she surveyed the unfamiliar surroundings. Steeling her nerves and inhaling a breath all the way to her toes, she turned the golden doorknob.

On the other side of the ancient door she was greeted by the deepest voice she had ever heard. “Hello, Charity. We’ve been expecting you.”

Let the adventure continue!

*Photo Story: Feature image was taken today while editing this post…fitting right!