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We work with individuals, churches, organizations and businesses to help them harness their unique skills and strengths and guide them into lasting transformation.



Charity is a Certified Kolbe Consultant. She has coached over 70 individuals, authors and leaders, using the Kolbe System. Click the first video below to get a quick two-minute overview from Kolbe Corp, or the second to hear an interview with Colleen McCubbin from Siretona Creative.

Kolbe A Index assessment and a one-hour coaching session with Charity Mongrain, our Certified Kolbe Consultant. Includes one A-to-A comparison report of your choice. Regular price: $225.00 CAD (not-for-profit and group pricing available contact us for options)

I observed Charity’s depth of insight with the Kolbe Strengths Assessment throughout her interaction with our team. She was not tied to her notes but was interactive and specifically responsive to the various comments and questions that came from our team members during the team discussion.  

The data that comes back from the assessment is clear, concise, and insightful. Charity presents it in a way that is easy to understand and to make practical. She was genuinely enthusiastic about engaging with our team in this discovery process.

Marlo Jenkins Eaglemont Christian Church

Coaching / Mentoring

Coaching is a great way to explore new perspectives, points of view and new knowledge.

Charity Mongrain is well equipped for consulting. She has the education, experience and endorsements as one of today’s leading personalities in her field. Charity is a highly motivated influencer who will help you and your organization strategize, identify and develop potential and grow.

Ron Baker WOD PAOC

Strategic Planning

Adaptive Leadership is vital in strategic planning. With a wide view lens and a long-distance glance, you can see the possible potholes and detours to plan for. How do leaders have a long term, “Big Picture” vision for the future in uncertain times?

Strategic planning; quick thinking; confidence in proven systems and years of experience. These words describe Charity in roles I have witnessed in her high-level leadership. She has the ability to “connect the dots” and to bring awareness to areas that we sometimes neglect. Charity’s gregarious personality makes her a fun addition to a team as she turns situations from sadness to gladness! I am so thankful for her consulting expertise in many areas of my organization.

Leann Woelk Handle with Care Ministries

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