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About Our Executive Director

Charity Mongrain is a creative communicator who has pastored for over 25 years with the PAOC. She has a passion for people to have the light switch turned on when they see the truth for the first time. 

Whether it be through her speaking, writing, or laughing at one of her funny stories, the “aha moment” can be the difference between living in darkness and living in the light of Jesus. 

You could find Charity reading, writing or relaxing, painting from her home in Edmonton, AB, Canada or exploring nature where she feels closest to the Creator. 

About Our Ministry Team

Gareth & Judy Mongrain
This ministry couple has been has ministered together since they first followed Jesus in the mid-1970’s. Sometimes as volunteers in Sunday school classrooms, camp settings, Church Planting or in Marriage Seminars and Workshops their teamwork has been to see. Both have also served in churches on staff on their own Judy as a Children’s Pastor, and Gareth as a Children’s Pastor and Pastor of Discipleship and Outreach. Gareth has been credentialed with the PAOC since 1994 and although they are well in the age of retirement he still serves CFEM, his church board and teaches Kids’ Church monthly.

Faith Anderson
Faith is passionate about seeing children and people of all ages come to know Christ and grow to love Him more. As a member of our CFEM pastoral and administrative team, she brings a keen eye for detail, knowledge of systems and more than 20 years’ experience working with children and families. Her greatest joy is leading children to express their awe and wonder of God’s love and power and use their voices to ask Jesus for help or to say “I love you Jesus” anytime they want to talk to Him! Faith is an Ordained minister with the PAOC along with her husband and can often be found doing ministry side-by-side with their three teenagers. 

Jeanine Pearson
Jeanine has been with CFEM since the very beginning and has shared her wide-range of her ministry experience with all those she been blessed to share her story with. She often teaches the meaning of her name “God’s Grace”. Jeanine received the gift of His grace in 1982 and has used this as a platform to preach the gospel. Through bus ministry, mid-week clubs, Sunday school teaching and home bible studies she has ministered to the entire family. Jeanine was also able to do this during her time on staff at Faith Tabernacle as the Director of Early Childhood Education Ministries. Her goal is to build children so that they do not need repair as adults.

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